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During the summer, members of the Servant Evangelism Team will be taking part in Impact Carrick in early July and North Street Youth Week 2015 in early August, when we will be giving the young people training in outreach and evangelism.

Report: Youth Week 2016

Through this ministry our desire is to make outreach and evangelism a normal and regular part of Church life! By doing this, we include all volunteers who love Jesus and truly build a Kingdom Ministry as we serve together.

As we hit the streets doing practical acts of service and kindness, we will also have opportunities to tell others about Jesus in open conversations, as people ask us why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Servant Evangelism events are advertised in the Church announcements and on both the Church and Carrickfergus Outreach Team Facebook page. If you would like to volunteer, or if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to leave a message on any of these pages.

"I was invited to the Outreach event by a friend and had been wanting to take part for a while, as I’d heard about it through other friends. It sounded like a great way to show God’s love in Carrick. At first I was really nervous when we hit the streets, but everyone was so friendly and relaxed, so I just copied what they did and it was fun! Some of the people we gave the chocolate bunnies too were surprised and happy. You could tell that this small act of love had touched them. There were no bad experiences,and even though it was my first time with the Outreach group, I still felt like part of the team, as everyone was so nice! I would definitely recommend this to anyone else, as it is a practical hands on way of working for God. It wasn’t as scary as you might imagine." Sara Patterson | (028) 9336 1480

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